In our job we believe in the importance of following ethical rules and principles that may drive us.


In details:

  • we protect our customers’ rights, guaranteeing high quality standards and services
  • we provide the price of the service in advance, allowing our customers to manage their budget
  • when providing the service, we encourage the close cooperation between customer  and  consultant, in order to convey knowledge and competences
  • we assure that our whole staff  and collaborators will follow the ethical code, behaving correctly towards customers so not to damage, discredit or compromise them in their business image
  • we comply with the principle of the loyal competition in all those business transactions that imply a effective relationship with other operators
  • we believe the consultancy services are a performance that may benefit a third subject. Therefore, we are deeply committed in maintaining a high professional level and a high image of the sector
  • we do not accept any task we are not qualified for and we will give the job, wholly or in part, only to reliable professionals to carry it out in the best way to guarantee a high quality standard
  • all the information regarding the customers’ activities acquired during the counselling services will be strictly confidential; therefore, they will not be used without any specific written authorization by the committee for personal advantages or others’ purposes
  • we manage our business activity and public relationship with extreme professional loyalty, both in content and form
  • customers can interrupt the collaboration relationship at any time in case the above mentioned promises are not respected.
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